AED Registration

What I need to know about owning an AED

Washington County/Johnson City EMS encourages the use of AED’s in our community. Early defibrillation is key to successful resuscitation of a cardiac arrest victim.

The State of Tennessee has several laws governing the use of AED’s and we provide a summary of those below.  Links to the specific laws can be found HERE.


  • AED acquirers must ensure that expected users receive CPR/AED training.
  • The acquirer must maintain, test, and operate the AED according to the manufacturer’s guidelines and maintain written records of all maintenance and testing performed on the AED.
  • AED program medical oversight services must be provided by an in-state licensed physician. In-state medical director residency is not required.
  • The AED acquirer must establish a written AED program to include AED placement, authorized users, EMS coordination, AED maintenance and testing records that will be kept by the program and reports of AED use, and must also notify EMS of the location of the AED.
  • The placement of the AED must be supervised and endorsed by a licensed physician.
  • Good Samaritan protection is extended, except in cases of gross negligence, to rescuers, AED trainers, and AED acquirers if conditions of acquisition and compliance are met.
  • The state board of education may provide for a program of instruction in CPR/AED to be taken once in junior or senior high schools.
  • All public schools are required to have at least one AED placed within the school. All requirements of having AEDs must be followed or may lose Good Samaritan protection: maintenance, training, medical direction, placement, EMS activation, post-event reporting, program documentation.
  • Optometrists who use local anesthetics are required to have an AED in the office.
  • Dental offices using conscious or deep sedation or general anesthesia must have a defibrillator on the premises.

Washington County/Johnson City EMS has put together a packet to assist you in complying with the regulations which can be downloaded by clicking on the AED below.