WCRS Officers


Scott Wiseman


Years with WCRS: 2000-2020 (20)


Steven Cox

1st Lt., Medical Team Leader

Years with WCRS: 2017-2020 (3)

Certifications / Classes:
Advanced Emergency Medical Technician
Technical Rope Rescue
Vehicle Extrication, Basic & Advanced

“My earliest exposure to EMS work came in my childhood.  My aunt and uncle belonged to world’s oldest volunteer rescue squad, the Roanoke Lifesaving Crew.  I can remember them parking their truck in the church parking lot to be able to attend service and still be able to respond to calls.  Their stories and dedication combined with the influence of my parents instilled in me a desire to serve the community in different ways, but it would not be until years later that I would enter the field of EMS.

Joining Washington County Rescue Services has been one of the best decisions of my life.  WCRS and Washington County Johnson City EMS are home to some of the most passionate and qualified individuals you will find in the field.  They have a wealth of experience and a desire to share their knowledge.  I consider the opportunity to serve in this position one of the greatest privileges that will ever be afforded me and am personally challenged to be the kind of leader that serves the needs of our members and the community.

While I know that people become first responders for all different reasons, I believe they are all bound by the same passion – to make a difference in the lives of the people they serve.  That desire overshadows all the challenges and the greatest rewards come in the gratitude and appreciation of their patients.  Perhaps it is those moments that give the men and women in EMS, be they paid or volunteer, the strength to open their door, shoulder their bag and step out into the next challenging call.”


Kim Trammell

2nd LT, Personnel Officer | Unit Director

Years with WCRS: 2000-2020 (20)

Kim Trammell is an Advanced Emergency Medical Technician who has been part of WCRS for 18 years.  He currently holds the rank of Second Lieutenant and is serving as Unit Director for TARS, Parliamentarian, and Personnel Officer.

Lt. Trammell retired from the United States Army in 1999 as a First Sergeant after giving over 23 years of dedicated service.  In 2000, he joined the West Carter Volunteer Fire Department and Washington County Rescue Services.  During his tenure at WCRS he has also served in the roles of Assistant Medical Team Leader and Medical Team Leader.  He currently serves as First Sergeant and Senior Drill Instructor in the WCJCEMS Honor Guard bringing honor to those who have answered the final call and providing their families with compassionate care in their time of loss.

Kim is passionate about his family and his community.  His service in all areas is a testimony to this passion and his love for his country, and we are privileged to have his leadership in WCRS.